The Java LiveJournal client for cellphones, pagers, and PDAs

MobileLJ is a Java 2 Micro Edition MIDlet designed to run on cellphones and PDAs. It allows you to log in and post simple jounal entries to LiveJournal. The client conforms to the lowest common denominator of the J2ME devices. This allows it to run on any of these devices, but limits its capabilities to simple posts with a subject and a text entry--no moods, no music, no user icons. Simple text-based posts. (You will find that this is difficult enough on most devices because you have to enter text on a phone keypad!)

MobileLJ is presently in beta. It has been tested to work on Sun's J2ME emulator. It has also been proven to work on a Handspring VisorPhone. I do not have access to Motorola phones or RIM Blackberry pagers, so have not been able to emperically test them, but it is assumed they work as well. Basically, any wireless Java [2 Micro Edition] that supports the CLDC (Connected, Limited Device Configuration) spec and raw socket connections ("socket://hostname:port") will be able to run the MobileLJ client.

As you may or may not know, J2ME applications are delivered using two files. The first file, with the extension *.jad, is a text file describing the application: where to get the zip file, how big the zip is, where to get the zip, and other bits of metadata. The second file, with the extension *.jar, is a zip file containing the application itself. Various J2ME devices will have different installation procedures, as follows:

If your device supports downloading the J2ME application from the internet
You simply need to point the device to the application descriptor, the *.jad file. This tells the device how and where to download the application. Simply point the device to

If your device requires you to download and install using a cable You will need to download and install the application. If you need the *.jad file, us the link above. You will certainly need the *.jar file, available at

If your device is a Palm device Palm devices have a slightly different installation. You will need the Java runtime from Sun. The *.jad and *.jar files get wrapped up in a *.prc. This is installed just like any other Palm application, but needs to be installed aside Sun's runtime. The Palm MobileLJ client to download and install is

Programmers interested in the MobileLJ architecture can read the Architecture Documentation and are invited to download, review, and contribute to the source code.
Animated Screenshot
Screenshots of MobileLJ in action