The Office Wiki Stored in my iPhone

Yesterday, I was looking for a way to carry around a local copy of a wiki on my iPhone. It seems that there are several apps that let you carry around an offline copy of Wikipedia — in case you are stuck on an airplane or out of cellphone range and need to look something … Continue reading The Office Wiki Stored in my iPhone

Ketchup Post

As I unloaded a bunch of photos to Flickr yesterday, I realized I haven’t posted here in a while. It’s about time for a catch-up post. Election! Yeay! What more can I say that others haven’t already said much more eloquently than I could come up with. The original plan was to go to the … Continue reading Ketchup Post

There is no spoon

At work today our source code repository disappeared. This is a bad thing. You know how, at 7-Eleven, they have that big safe bolted to the floor behind the counter? It has the slot in the top to make night drops if the cash register ever gets a lot of money in it so that … Continue reading There is no spoon

LCD demo video

Most people come to the realization that this is some kind of hidden infrastructure at their work that someone else maintains—it lets them save their PowerPoint slides to the network share.

firmware – “It’s like software, but in things you don’t typically think of as computers—things you don’t usually want to crash: cellphones, televisions, cars, and the like.

More Ketchup

This is another catch-up post to cover all sorts of topics from the past week. Dream Last night, I had an odd dream in which I somehow lost a cadaver. I have no idea why I had one. I might have been a mortician or transporting it or merely keeping an eye on it for … Continue reading More Ketchup

How to completely derail the Engineering department in 2 easy steps

How to derail the Engineering department in 2 easy steps: Step 1: Have one of your coworkers announce publicly that he stealthfully gave his 2 weeks notice two weeks ago and has been keeping it on the down-low. He’s moving on to bigger and better things (going back to school) and he’ll really be missed … Continue reading How to completely derail the Engineering department in 2 easy steps


The vending machine at work confuses me. Water is twice the price of soda. Sure, the Cokes are 12oz and water is 20oz, but it’s water! I can get filtered water for free from the refrigerator. In other news, I went to a site with a cute little CAPTCHA today. Sure, it’s not quite KittenAuth, … Continue reading Sense.

Signs of Change

Last week, new signs were put up in the restrooms at work. I am not entirely certain why grown adults need to be told to wash their hands in a method befitting 3rd graders, but I did not question it. I wash my hands anyway and just ignored the signs. Today, somebody put new signs … Continue reading Signs of Change

Ceiling Cat is watching you stand around the coffeemaker

While chatting with some coworkers around the coffee station at work, I looked up and was surprised by a ceiling cat. It would appear that a pattern is available here: Posted in: