Micro Blogs?

Dear Internet, I am not certain that I understand why people have both a blog (e.g. LiveJournal) and a microblog (e.g. Tumblr). Why not just make small posts in your regular blog? Sincerely, Brian P.S. For the purposes of this post, I am considering Twitter to be less of a microblog and more of a … Continue reading Micro Blogs?


Does anyone have a good resource (I’ve seen several bad ones, but not a great reference) that explains how to set up a free L2TP/PPTP VPN on a consumer-level OS X workstation? I’m not talking OS X server, because that ships with server out of the box with a nice GUI configuration tool. OS X … Continue reading OS X VPN?

LJ Content Strike?

I keep hearing murmurings of a LiveJournal content strike. I understand the reasons behind it (dropping the “Basic” accounts without really telling anyone), but have yet to see what the exact rules of the strike are. Can someone point me to the terms of the strike? Is it “don’t post on the 21st?” If so, … Continue reading LJ Content Strike?

Absinthe Vodka

If you had an anise-flavored vodka (specifically Green Moon Vodka à Absinthe Essence), what drinks would you make with it? The vodka itself is not quite high enough quality that you’d want to sip it straight. Martinis kind of work, but the anise+vermouth flavor, while not bad, is not quite my favorite. Also: is it … Continue reading Absinthe Vodka

Terminator annoyance

So I have been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and something has been bugging me. If you can only bring flesh (or technology wrapped in flesh) and not straight-up technology through a time portal, then how did that bare terminator head get flung out of the bank vault and into the current-day storyline??? Posted … Continue reading Terminator annoyance

Online Backup Redux

In response to my online backup question, I have narrowed things down to two finalists: 1. Mozy. I like this because, like a barhouse floozy, it’s cheap and easy. Wait, that wasn’t the right metaphor. It works. It has a nice UI. It prods me if a backup hasn’t been run in n days (where … Continue reading Online Backup Redux

Online Backup?

Dear Lazyweb, Recently, I have been scanning and shredding financial documents dating back to 2000. This has freed me of several file cabinet drawers worth of space, which is good. I am not sure that I will ever need DSL, electricity, and itemized credit card and cellphone bills going back 8 years, but it felt … Continue reading Online Backup?

Universal Remote?

Dear LazyWeb: Maybe you can help me where I seem to be failing. I am looking for a universal remote. The maximum number of functions I will be using are: Toshiba CS32G60 TV (this is an old-ass 32″ CRT television from the early ’90s) * Power * Volume up/down * That’s it. I don’t give … Continue reading Universal Remote?