ATEM Mini Pro Covers

In my previous post about prototyping laser designs in cardboard, I mentioned that I’m staying in the guest bedroom that doubles as my office. I work in video, and part of my fancy video setup is an ATEM Mini Pro — basically a little video switcher. It’s a great device, but has two problems. The … Continue reading ATEM Mini Pro Covers

Cardboard Prototyping a Laser-Cut Camera Cover

Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at eyeballing laser-cutter designs. I’ll always prototype in cardboard. Increasingly often, the prototype and the final versions are one and the same. A number of things start off with a parametric box followed by tweaks. I work from home, from the tiny house in the backyard. Recently, … Continue reading Cardboard Prototyping a Laser-Cut Camera Cover

Wear Your TODO List on Your Sleeve

Most tattoos out there are purely aesthetic. They’re art for the sake of art, adorning the body. I’m aware of a few more utilitarian tattoos out there in the world. Adam Savage (of Mythbusters) has a ruler tattooed on his arm (inches and centimeters). Someone else has a protractor (degrees and radians). Some people have … Continue reading Wear Your TODO List on Your Sleeve

Wear Your Result on Your Sleeve, errr, Chest

So. We’re returning to “normal life” now. Or at least, we’re trudging ahead, seeking out the new normal. By now, most of the US has dropped mask mandates (excluding public transit and hospitals). Everybody who is not a conspiracy theorist has been vaccinated and boosted. We can get a small ration of free at-home test … Continue reading Wear Your Result on Your Sleeve, errr, Chest

Ukraine Heart Vinyl Sticker

We live in a world where Russia invaded Ukraine. We’re on the verge of a new kind of world war. There are various financial and political things you can do as an individual. With enough people writing their politicians or donating to charities, there might be enough of a sea change to make things happen. … Continue reading Ukraine Heart Vinyl Sticker