Twilight? You mean the ELO hit?

Before about six months ago, I had never heard of Twilight.  Now I see it everywhere.  Between Linda Mercury’s analysis on of the archetype of Bella (and actually, her whole series of posts loosely titled “In defense of Twilight, even though I hate it“) and Lucy Knisley’s distillation of each book into four-panel comic strips … Continue reading Twilight? You mean the ELO hit?

Big Bang Theory on Twitter -or- Sheldon vs Wil

Normally, I tend to avoid 30-minute sitcoms. There are two, though, that get an exception. The first is How I Met Your Mother, which I may go into detail about in the future. The second is Big Bang Theory. This is a great show that is incredibly nerdy and extremely funny. Despite being a smart … Continue reading Big Bang Theory on Twitter -or- Sheldon vs Wil

Laser cut oats

For years I have walked by the “steel cut oats” bin at the grocery store and thought that they need to modernize that stuff. It’s the 21st century. They should be using lasers. Those should be laser cut oats. It seems that very soon I will be a step closer to my dreams: laser etched … Continue reading Laser cut oats

Zombies in the Manger

The following zombie-manger-invasion comic comes, ironically, from the Hallmark blog. It was just too great to not repost. Actually, if you poke around the blog, there are all kinds of great things, including the Robots with Stuff series (most recently, A Robot With Mom Jeans), ass cleaner, and their “Funny, But No” YouTube series of … Continue reading Zombies in the Manger

My RSS subscriptions

I got into a lunchtime discussion of RSS today. Apparently, one of my coworkers (hi, Helen!) had never really heard of RSS before. As we explained the concept to her, we started to share some of our favorite news sites, blogs, and other things with RSS feeds. I decided this might be of interest to … Continue reading My RSS subscriptions

Buh Bye, Birdie

For a week now, I have been trying to come up with something to tweet along the lines of me being a [straight] guy who enjoys musicals. It had to be witty. More importantly, it had to NOT be… what’s the word? Racist? Sexist? Gay-ist? I guess “homophobic” is technically the right word, but doesn’t … Continue reading Buh Bye, Birdie

Portland’s Robotic Goths

Here are two “Portland excels at…” links I have run across in the past week. I lurk on the Portland Industrial Gothic (PIG) mailing list. Actually, “lurk” is an understatement. I subscribe, the messages come into my inbox, and the vast majority of them get moved, unread, to an archive folder. One subject line recently … Continue reading Portland’s Robotic Goths

Of watch clocks and game design

This morning, Daring Fireball linked to a great article called Who Watches the Watchmen. It is about the design of watchclocks — devices that date back to the early 1900s that ensure that watchmen are correctly making their rounds. It is a punch-clock-like system with the steampunk equivalent of GPS (encoded into similar keys with … Continue reading Of watch clocks and game design