Pioneer Courthouse, 1875

There is a local blog I follow, Vintage Portland, that digs through the city archives and posts vintage photos of Portland every few days.  Last month, they posted a photo of Pioneer Courthouse from 1875, with a school in the background that is now PDX’s living room, a.k.a. Pioneer Courthouse Square.  I really enjoyed the … Continue reading Pioneer Courthouse, 1875

ARG Tools for iPhone

As a few readers of this blog may know, I have been tinkering with iPhone development for about a year. Technically, a bit longer than that — since the first jailbreaks and community SDKs — but realistically, with all seriousness, about a year of what I’d consider above “tinkering” but below “professional.” In recent months, … Continue reading ARG Tools for iPhone

Streaming AVI video to the iPad & iPhone

A few weeks ago on Twitter, I asked the lazyweb if they knew of a way of streaming an AVI (or really, any video format that is not directly supported by the video player) to an iPhone for viewing.  This was before the iPad, so that was not even a consideration.  There were a number … Continue reading Streaming AVI video to the iPad & iPhone

Yes, I can has cheezburger

I like to poke fun at Etsy. It seems that for every one reasonable product, there are thousands of crafty products that are a little too “craft.” These include items made with popsicle sticks, puffy paint, shrinky-dinks, rhinestones, and assorted garbage.  I am also a big fan of Regretsy for this reason.  Until recently, I … Continue reading Yes, I can has cheezburger

The Crazy Neighbor

A couple of months ago, @geekygirldawn started up a website called The Crazy Neighbor. I guess she has a few crazy neighbors. The format of the site is like many others out there — I Can Has Cheezburger, Picture Is Unrelated, GraphJam, and so on. Users submit photos and those pictures get posted. While I … Continue reading The Crazy Neighbor

Hot chicks with objectification

In lieu of an intelligent post about the iPad, which will inevitably be a rehash of opinions found elsewhere on the internet, I present to you, dear reader, two shallow links.  First there was Hot Chicks at Art Openings, and now there is Hot Chicks with Stormtroopers.  You’re welcome.

Podcast vs Netcast and LG Electronics

A few years ago, Apple started cracking down on companies that used the term “Pod” in their name. This occurred just as podcasting was catching on to the mainstream. Because of this, many podcasters started using the term “netcast” to describe their shows. Off the top of my head, these include shows from the This … Continue reading Podcast vs Netcast and LG Electronics

5 October 1582

Something that I remember hearing many years ago, either in a history class or reading in Astronomical Algorithms, was that centuries ago — when the concept of the Leap Year was first created in the reformed Gregorian calendar — the powers that be adjusted the calendar by a little over a week to make up … Continue reading 5 October 1582