More iPhone Impressions

Also: * The iPhone does not make as great a flashlight as the Treo because in dim lighting situations the iPhone automatically dims its screen to match the ambient conditions. Technically, this is a feature (and could be disabled, at the expense of battery life, if I wanted to muck about in the settings), but … Continue reading More iPhone Impressions

iPhone Programmer’s Calculator

For all of those software/firmware/hardware programmers out there with iPhones reading my blog (…all one of you: me…), I did some work on a “real” calculator last night and put the finishing touches on it today at lunch: For the techies: it’s implemented entirely in JavaScript using primitive datatypes (meaning the range isn’t the greatest … Continue reading iPhone Programmer’s Calculator

iPhone Impressions

It has been a couple of weeks since I got the iPhone, and while it has been an overwhelmingly good experience, there are still a few things about it that I find annoying. Annoyances With Workarounds With the phone on and plugged in to my car cassette adapter, there is some horribly nasty GSM buzz … Continue reading iPhone Impressions


In case any iPhoners are interested, I’ve publicly released the code for my iPhone bookmarks webapp. It’s pretty simple, but kind of slick. I’m constantly improving it, but I figured I needed to at least get a 1.0 release out. A read-only demo (the admin password is “secret”) is at Be sure to click … Continue reading Phonemarks

iPhone Questions

I present a number of unanswered questions — the main reasons why I will not be getting an iPhone for at least a week or two (if not longer or ever): * Does it support dialup networking? Dialup networking via Bluetooth? One of the features I love about my Treo is that I can put … Continue reading iPhone Questions

Musings of the past week

Financial Planning Kim and I went to chat with a financial advisor last night. We’re on track to getting a house and retirement, I think, but need to shuffle a few things around. I’m contributing too much to my 401(k) and need to put more money toward pre-59-years of age stuff. Also, I recently learned … Continue reading Musings of the past week