Hacking the iPhone

Apple released some new iPhone firmware today. Fortunately, they left in all of the loopholes for hacking your own apps into it. The last time I hacked my phone, it took about half a day. This time, it took about 13 minutes (10 of which were waiting for something to download.) This is all it … Continue reading Hacking the iPhone

iPhone turnkey hackery

Back in my day, we got an iPhone and we hacked it by hand! We fiddled with shell scripts and USB connections and compilers until everything eventually worked! You kids, these days, with your fancy GUI installers take all the fun out of things! So, yes, a few weeks ago, I hacked my iPhone. The … Continue reading iPhone turnkey hackery

iPhone NES

Even the new speed-enhanced NES emulator for the iPhone (version 13L at this writing) is virtually unplayable. Sure, the speed is pretty close to the real thing, if not exact, but you’re still jabbing at virtual buttons behind a piece of glass. I wonder if this is what it would be like to play a … Continue reading iPhone NES

More iPhone Impressions

Also: * The iPhone does not make as great a flashlight as the Treo because in dim lighting situations the iPhone automatically dims its screen to match the ambient conditions. Technically, this is a feature (and could be disabled, at the expense of battery life, if I wanted to muck about in the settings), but … Continue reading More iPhone Impressions


Kim, begrudgingly, has her very first cellphone. Not only that, it’s a fancy red Blackberry Pearl. It would appear that the price of all other fancy smartphones tanked as soon as the iPhone was released. Questions for you Blackberry’ers out there… 1) Is Missing Sync the best way to synchronize it to a Mac? 2) … Continue reading YouPhone

iPhone Impressions

It has been a couple of weeks since I got the iPhone, and while it has been an overwhelmingly good experience, there are still a few things about it that I find annoying. Annoyances With Workarounds With the phone on and plugged in to my car cassette adapter, there is some horribly nasty GSM buzz … Continue reading iPhone Impressions

iPhone Line

I went to the Bridgeport Wild Oats for lunch today and decided to swing by the Apple store. I have seen photos of the various other Apple stores and the lines for the iPhone, so I figured I would see how Portland compares. There were probably 50-60 people there, hanging out, chatting, and having a … Continue reading iPhone Line

Musings of the past week

Financial Planning Kim and I went to chat with a financial advisor last night. We’re on track to getting a house and retirement, I think, but need to shuffle a few things around. I’m contributing too much to my 401(k) and need to put more money toward pre-59-years of age stuff. Also, I recently learned … Continue reading Musings of the past week