Laser cut oats

For years I have walked by the “steel cut oats” bin at the grocery store and thought that they need to modernize that stuff. It’s the 21st century. They should be using lasers. Those should be laser cut oats. It seems that very soon I will be a step closer to my dreams: laser etched … Continue reading Laser cut oats

Coolest. Bottle. Ever.

My bottle of Crystal Head Vodka arrived the other day. It’s a new vodka made by Dan Aykroyd, of all people. If you click through to the website, you will be greeted with a woogie-woogie video of him talking about supernatural things, including “the 13 crystal skulls,” before he actually gets into the details of … Continue reading Coolest. Bottle. Ever.

Black Pepper Martinis!

I totally forgot to include in my last post, about the pig heart, the other culinary experiment of the evening: Black Pepper Martinis! I had promised @wurmouroboros that I’d post the details. Black Pepper Martinis are like regular martinis, but with more bite! The key is the black pepper syrup, which is like simple syrup, … Continue reading Black Pepper Martinis!

The geometry of butter

BrianEnigma: Oregon has crappy butter geometry. I tweeted that earlier tonight and expect some amount of confusion. Sticks of butter across the country all have the same volume. You go to the store, you buy 16oz of butter, and you get four sticks of 4oz. In the rest of the country, the sticks are long … Continue reading The geometry of butter

Four Years

It has been four years since that fateful night were I almost didn’t go alone to the concert of one of my favorite bands. It has been two years since the roadtrip to the coast, by way of the courthouse (followed several months later by a big ol’ party-slash-reception.) They have been wonderful years. Like … Continue reading Four Years

Salt. Lots of it.

The other night, to make dinner, Kim used some of my lab equipment. Wait, let me rewind a little bit. First, she used a metric crap-ton of sodium chloride, or “salt” to the non-geeks. See? Salt: A pretty thick bed of salt was placed in a pan. Fish was put on top of that and … Continue reading Salt. Lots of it.

Absinthe Vodka

If you had an anise-flavored vodka (specifically Green Moon Vodka à Absinthe Essence), what drinks would you make with it? The vodka itself is not quite high enough quality that you’d want to sip it straight. Martinis kind of work, but the anise+vermouth flavor, while not bad, is not quite my favorite. Also: is it … Continue reading Absinthe Vodka

Chocolate strawberries

These were made ON Valentines day, but not FOR Valentines day. You could say they were inspired by Valentines day. Neither Kim nor I are terribly fond of the holiday, but I saw an Instructable about chocolate covered strawberries and decided they must be made. Yum. Milk chocolate, FTW! Posted in:

Toe-foo, Houses, Internet Mtv, YouTube

First it was spinach, then pet food, and now tofu is being recalled because of poisons. It’s a good thing I have been a carnivore the past few days (MMMmmmmm…. Delta.) Kim and I have been approved for a rather nice home loan. Woot, woot. We just need to find a house (looking in the … Continue reading Toe-foo, Houses, Internet Mtv, YouTube