GoBox or Go Home!

Portland has food carts.  Portland has a lot of food carts.  Most of them give you your food in a plastic container.  Sometimes the container is biodegradable, which is good.  Sometimes it also comes in a plastic bag with a plastic fork, which is bad.  On rare occasions it is just wrapped in butcher paper (as … Continue reading GoBox or Go Home!

Orangeade in the shade

Summertime is here, and I loves-me some good lemonade on a hot summer day, but occasionally I tire of the same ol’ lemonade recipe all the time and need a bit of variety.  I am a big fan of making Adagio’s Fruit Medley tea iced — it tastes just like Kool-Aid, but is all natural … Continue reading Orangeade in the shade

Nong’s Khao Man Gai, a.k.a. Chicken-crack

There is a food cart that I really enjoy and try to get to once a week.  In fact, it is so tasty and addicting that at work it we dubbed it “chicken-crack.”  The cart is Nong’s Khao Man Gai, in the cart pod on 10th.  It serves one thing and one thing only, but … Continue reading Nong’s Khao Man Gai, a.k.a. Chicken-crack

Tillamook: the world’s best cheddar

It is not a surprise to most people I know that I love cheese.  It’s great stuff.  Cheddar is a staple cheese that I often keep stocked at home.  I often get a local brand, like Tillamook, because I’m eco-hipster like that.  On one of the recent baby loafs (because, really, how can you survive with … Continue reading Tillamook: the world’s best cheddar

In which the gift of spherical ice was received

I have been a Maker’s Mark “ambassador” since early 2002.  What does this mean?  It means I filled out a postcard for a free shot glass way back when.  The shot glass (and a sort of press kit) arrived and in the years since, I have gotten (alongside press kits and glossy marketing sheets) little … Continue reading In which the gift of spherical ice was received

Vegetable and Mixed Rice Casserole

I am perhaps not as great a cook as the lovely and talented Kim.  She can make up recipes in her head based on whatever scraps happen to be in the kitchen (“somethin’ outta nuthin’”).  She can jump right in to a new recipe with no problem.  Me — the first few times I try a … Continue reading Vegetable and Mixed Rice Casserole

Ramen as a space-filling curve

Although it has stared me in the face for years and should have been plainly obvious, last night I had a revelation that the noodles in Top Ramen are “wrong.”  Actual ramen from a ramen house has straight noodles (and good broth that doesn’t come from a powder, but that’s beside this point).  Ramen noodles … Continue reading Ramen as a space-filling curve

The Home Depot Absinthe Fountain

In the past few weeks I have mentioned my “ghetto, Home Depot absinthe fountain” to a number of friends.  Given the internet mantra of “pics or it didn’t happen” and my difficulty of describing all of the little details in words, let me start out with a photograph: The project arose from my desire to … Continue reading The Home Depot Absinthe Fountain

Friends & Foster Burger

I had a great dinner with great friends at Foster Burger tonight. Liam ordered a deep-fried avocado that we all split. The natural fattiness of the avocado plus the deep-frying made a concoction that was hard to eat just one slice of. There were not many main courses to choose from, but I believe our … Continue reading Friends & Foster Burger