On custom laptop clings

Recently I found myself in the position to say “my laptop, well, my other laptop.” You see, at work I shifted around my development environment. I write embedded Linux code, I’ve worked at a Linux desktop for the past few jobs — for over a decade. My personal laptop has been a Mac for as long … Continue reading On custom laptop clings

The Recompiler: a feminist hacker magazine

There is a relatively new feminist hacker magazine out called The Recompiler. The first issue is out, with a second on the way. It’s a great magazine that I highly recommend. I bought a subscription before the magazine even existed. I suppose I could invoke some sort of hipsterism and say that last sentence in a … Continue reading The Recompiler: a feminist hacker magazine

Communing with the devil on an Apple ][

In the week leading up to halloween, @destroyed4com4t introduced me to the amazing movie Evilspeak. This film, made in 1981, is about an outcast boy in military school who comes across a book. This book — the diary of a Spanish satanist (Esteban) from centuries before — is written in Latin. It is also, of course, … Continue reading Communing with the devil on an Apple ][

“Paper Towel, Please”

UPDATE: Since posting this, I have two new designs (a fake power outlet plus “Free Paper Cowboy Hat“). Additionally, all of these stickers are now available to purchase.   A couple of weeks ago, a funny image of prank paper towel dispenser stickers made the rounds on Twitter. I searched the internet for those stickers, but … Continue reading “Paper Towel, Please”

Counting Stairs

We went through some office space reshuffling at work that resulted in me being a few floors away from the kitchen. Because of this, I’ve made a conscious effort to take the stairs more often. I know that my phone has automatic counting of flights of stairs (if you have an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, … Continue reading Counting Stairs

Unconscious sexism in the workplace

At work, we have a whiteboard in the kitchen. Previously, it was used for kitchen requests. Are we running low on something? Write it on the whiteboard. More recently, those sorts of requests seem to be automatically taken care of by little cobblers’ elves that inventory the kitchen stocks and automatically order supplies. The whiteboard, … Continue reading Unconscious sexism in the workplace

On distraction-free writing with the iPad Air 2

The laptop is in the shop (bad video chipset, SD card slot that fries cards, and they volunteered that the battery is subpar for its age). This has given me (nay, forced upon me) the opportunity to do a lot more with the iPad and keyboard. The iPad is certainly lighter than the laptop, but the keyboard … Continue reading On distraction-free writing with the iPad Air 2

Dear Wired: please don’t assume I am a man, or large

I recently agreed to a new rule in the house: with a few exceptions, such as smartphone-as-alarm-clock, no gadgets in the bedroom. I’ve always thought that the bedroom should be for sleeping, plus one other thing, but have slowly been slipping — so gradually that I didn’t notice. Twitter, texting, and generally interacting remotely with … Continue reading Dear Wired: please don’t assume I am a man, or large

A minor Soylent update

In my last blog post, I talked about my experiments with Soylent. I’ve updated that blog post with a few minor corrections. Although my research showed me the correct scoop size for making single-servings of Soylent, it failed to reveal that the single-serving size is only about half a meal, calorie-wise: The official scoop, which … Continue reading A minor Soylent update

An experiment with Soylent

Soylent has been on my radar for about a year. For those not in the know, it is a meal in powder form, to be mixed into a shake. It’s not people, nor is it soy. It’s more like a breakfast shake, but not focused on weight loss. It is, instead, focused on giving you the … Continue reading An experiment with Soylent