ARG Tools v2.1

I hit the App Store “release” button for ARG Tools v2.1, which means it should be showing up in your iTunes and on your devices shortly. This version adds a couple of new features as well as a few reference sheets, but the important news is that this may be the final version of ARG … Continue reading ARG Tools v2.1

Choose your own measuring cup

About a year ago I designed and printed a 1/4 cup measuring cup. You see, I needed a good way to measure cat food. I only needed the one size, so buying a whole set of measuring cups seemed like a waste. With a MakerBot in the other room, I figured it was best to make just the one size of measuring cup.

Use the best available braille

Unicode character support in fonts beyond the standard “western” letters and punctuation is a wild and largely unexplored territory.  Font designers can be a little more free and have a little more fun because those characters are so rarely used.  After all, how often do you “type in” a letter that’s not on your keyboard? … Continue reading Use the best available braille

ARG Tools 2.0, now with more dictionary

ARG Tools, the iPhone app that gives you puzzle-solving tools and reference in your pocket just got a dictionary.  You may already know of ARG Tools, but in case you haven’t, it’s an iPhone app that provides a set of tools, reference material, and links for anyone who plays Alternate Reality Games, participates in transmedia storytelling, … Continue reading ARG Tools 2.0, now with more dictionary

Windows Natural Scrolling and Synergy

Windows Natural Scrolling and Synergy A little over a year ago, I wrote about setting up “natural scolling” on Windows. I tried it for a week or so and never quite got used to it. One of the biggest setbacks was the software I use to connect my Windows and Linux boxes together as one … Continue reading Windows Natural Scrolling and Synergy

Controlled Damage: Artistic De-generation

Controlled Damage: Artistic De-generation About five months ago, I was upset at Bookface for whatever reason. Again. I decided I wanted to post a messed up version of my user icon. Back in the MySpace days, my user icon was the little document-with-a-red-X icon that Internet Explorer throws in as a placeholder to indicate a … Continue reading Controlled Damage: Artistic De-generation

On pointers and references

I have been writing C and C++ code for many a decade. I sometimes run across new things, typically in the form of additions to the language.  These include things like new libraries like Boost, the addition/standardization of STL, and most recently C++11 with its cool stuff like auto pointers. It is a very rare … Continue reading On pointers and references

Google Plus vanity URLs

Google+ as a website and service is quickly maturing. It started invite-only and has since listened to users and expanded its service based on that feedback † . More recently, it opened itself up to the world—invites no longer required. Since it is still a fairly new service and not everyone has yet migrated to it, I … Continue reading Google Plus vanity URLs

Trunk Notes lookups from the desktop

Trunk Notes Overview One of the most useful apps I have discovered for the iPhone is called Trunk Notes.  Effectively, it is a “wiki” or series of interlinked notes, that you can carry around in your pocket.  I actually don’t use it so much for the interlinking — tagging and search are plenty enough for … Continue reading Trunk Notes lookups from the desktop