Gunnerkrigg Court

I think I have come to the conclusion that any recommendation by Andrea Phillips is going to be something I like. This conclusion is wildly drawn from exactly two datapoints, but I stand by it for now. Several months back, she mentioned Escape Pod, a podcast of science fiction short stories, and I have been … Continue reading Gunnerkrigg Court

Ex Libris

As a kid, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household that promoted reading. From a fairly early age, my elementary school had occasional book fairs and a sort of monthly book club. In fact each month, all of the students of a particular set of grade levels would get a cheaply-printed color … Continue reading Ex Libris

Weekend Not-So-Madness!

This weekend, I did nothing. I didn’t even leave the house! Okay, well technically, I went outside to refill the bird feeder and take out the trash, but I never left the property. Instead, I holed in and finished reading Anathem. I was about 100 pages in on Wednesday. By Thursday night, I had gotten … Continue reading Weekend Not-So-Madness!

In which I become a young adult for a week

So I picked up Little Brother and Cathy’s Key last week. I guess this is where I get to be a Young Adult for a little while. I have to admit to being a little sheepish at shopping in the Young Adult section of the store. I started reading Little Brother, and even at my … Continue reading In which I become a young adult for a week

The Affected Provincial’s Companion

I picked up a book called The Affected Provincial’s Companion a few weeks ago. This was a book that was indirectly recommended on some steampunk-something-or-other. While not directly ‘punk, it does a great job of capturing the more formal and stuffy neo-Victorian attitude. It is a guidebook of attire and behavior that is written tongue-in-cheek … Continue reading The Affected Provincial’s Companion

Historic Photos of Portland

As I mentioned before, I find myself the owner of a book entitled Historic Photos of Portland. I guess they have a whole series with various cities in the US. I’ve been meaning to pour through it for the past few weeks, but between busy weeks and busy weekends, I never had the time. The … Continue reading Historic Photos of Portland

Online Library Catalog Thingers [Updated x2]

A while back, I looked at some of the online library websites — you know, those sites like, but for books. You tell it what books you own and what you’re currently reading. It’ll make suggestions, show you what your friends have read, and all that good community stuff. I never got around to … Continue reading Online Library Catalog Thingers [Updated x2]


I just finished reading Spook Country and have to wonder if this story about a missing $9 billion is art imitating life or life imitating art. (via digg) Also: …which has been first scribbled upon and then pixelated so that you don’t steal my digits! It will be held on to until the new OS … Continue reading Stuff

Rosetta Project

There is this great site called The Rosetta Project. Similar to Project Gutenberg‘s text scans of vintage novels, The Rosetta Project scans vintage (expired copyright) childrens’ books as images. They even go through the trouble of translating them to other languages (though some are multi-lingual to begin with.) Although I don’t have kids and don’t … Continue reading Rosetta Project