As Ariock and Addlepated pointed out in my previous blog post, that guy’s math was out of whack to the tune of three decimal places. I’M supposed to be the mathy one! Why didn’t I catch that it should have been $425 and not $425,000?! Good catch, guys! (Not to mention Steve pointing out that … Continue reading Retraction

Another LiveJournal Account Change

So this whole OpenID-through-LiveJournal thing isn’t working out. To their credit LiveJournal has done a lot to support OpenID, but they’re not doing enough. Their OpenID support is still half-baked. I thought I would show my support by being an early adopter and bearing with it, but that has not worked. (Skip to the next … Continue reading Another LiveJournal Account Change

Dreamhost “invites”

It increasingly seems like people enjoy bashing Dreamhost these days, but I haven’t experienced any real problem with them and actually rather enjoy the power of their extremely advanced control panel without the responsibility of having to admin the day-to-day junk of a co-located box. I’ve been using them since 2003 and current host 18 … Continue reading Dreamhost “invites”

In which JiveUrinal is asymmetrically f’ed up

LiveJournal really confuses me sometimes. I read and comment on people’s journals using my OpenID account. My actual blog gets syndicated there by the brianenigma_rss pseudo-account. It seems that LiveJournal, even though it is acting like an RSS reader, allows people to comment on its local copies of RSS articles. This morning, Kim pointed … Continue reading In which JiveUrinal is asymmetrically f’ed up


Currently, I keep all of my photos in Aperture. I then use a plugin to sync from there to my own photo site, running the Gallery PHP application. I also use the Flickr export plugin to sync to Flickr. This setup is getting increasingly problematic. The Gallery installation and integration is starting to fall apart. … Continue reading Flickr?

Email Update #2

Back in September, I issued a warning about my email address. If you have me as enigma@ in your address book, you should change that to brian@. As of today, I’m officially shutting down the enigma@ address. (Not that I’ve looked at it recently, anyway — it’s pretty much just spam at this point.)

LJ Comments

Dear LiveJournal peeps, There are many of you (I’ve specifically run into this with sakkaranoush and torgo_x) who have journals that don’t allow OpenID people to leave comments. You’ve friended me and so I can see protected entries, but I’m unable to write a comment. Looking through the FAQ, I see this info: Currently on … Continue reading LJ Comments

LiveJournal and OpenID

Well, I think I’m taking a huge step that I’ve been contemplating for a long time and finally decided to jump into. Those of you on LiveJournal might notice a new friend request later this weekend. That request will not be from a regular user, but one with a weird little orange “I” next to … Continue reading LiveJournal and OpenID

Interesting Twitter updates followed by a rant

A few interesting Twitter updates from the past month or two… * Someone needs to invent a Capri-Sun style single-serving wine pouch. * Just got RickRolled by a restaurant Muzak system. * I love how marketing departments say “it tastes earthy” when they mean “it tastes like dirt.” * This town needs an automat. <rant> … Continue reading Interesting Twitter updates followed by a rant

WordPress Problems

I thought I had accidentally blocked myself from posting on my very own site, mainly because I had recently done some wmapping of a corporate site (hi, Phaedra!) and thought I got my IP on a blacklist because of it. The Bad-Behavior plugin I use on this WordPress installation does a great job at blocking … Continue reading WordPress Problems