An Easter Egg Hunt With a Meta Puzzle

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a scavenger hunt. You might even know of the style of progressive scavenger/puzzle hunt, where one clue leads to the next, which leads to the next, and so on. Folks that do puzzle events such as Puzzled Pint, Puzzle Boat, or the MIT Mystery Hunt are familiar with … Continue reading An Easter Egg Hunt With a Meta Puzzle

Dark Night: A Weekly Break From Distractions

For the past several months, I’ve been celebrating what I call Dark Night every Thursday, starting at dusk. I enjoyed it so much that I published a how-to website describing the framework I use for creating the night. My hope is that you can also have a night free from the distractions of the world. … Continue reading Dark Night: A Weekly Break From Distractions

Wear Your Result on Your Sleeve, errr, Chest

So. We’re returning to “normal life” now. Or at least, we’re trudging ahead, seeking out the new normal. By now, most of the US has dropped mask mandates (excluding public transit and hospitals). Everybody who is not a conspiracy theorist has been vaccinated and boosted. We can get a small ration of free at-home test … Continue reading Wear Your Result on Your Sleeve, errr, Chest

Ukraine Heart Vinyl Sticker

We live in a world where Russia invaded Ukraine. We’re on the verge of a new kind of world war. There are various financial and political things you can do as an individual. With enough people writing their politicians or donating to charities, there might be enough of a sea change to make things happen. … Continue reading Ukraine Heart Vinyl Sticker

Turning a bucket of MP3s into a podcast

I wrote a Python script, s3cast, to convert an Amazon S3 bucket of MP3 files into a podcast feed. You see, there is a satellite radio show that I really enjoy called The Saturday Night Safety Dance with DJ Bueller. It’s one of the few shows on Sirius XM that they don’t allow you to … Continue reading Turning a bucket of MP3s into a podcast

Botanical Plaques, Mark 2 & 3

In my last post, I talked about designing a botanical plaque to label trees in the yard. The design had some flaws. It was two pieces epoxied together and most of them broke apart after 6–12 months. I suspect water got in the gap, froze, and helped separate the pieces from the dried epoxy. This … Continue reading Botanical Plaques, Mark 2 & 3

Botanical Plaques, Mark 1

I have a bunch of cool-looking and weird trees at the house. In a notebook somewhere, and elsewhere in a text file, I have a list of their names. And if I’m honest, that’s fine for the one time every couple of years where I want to look up what’s what. If you’ve been to … Continue reading Botanical Plaques, Mark 1

British Chocolates: Part 1

One month ago — on July 4th — it was Independence Day in the US. I don’t think I did anything special for it last year because of the pandemic, but the year before I joined some friends for High Tea at my favorite local tea restaurant. I thought that was a fun subversive way … Continue reading British Chocolates: Part 1