Kindle versus paper: a pictorial

I have had a Kindle for a few months now and really enjoy it. I have been reading like I’ve never read before! The size and convenience are great and, for many texts, far outweighs the longevity and space requirements of paper books (even though I love having shelves and shelves of book spines to … Continue reading Kindle versus paper: a pictorial

iPhone Wallpaper Template

I recently updated my iPhone’s wallpaper to something a bit more Halloween-y. Behold: I like to have my email address on the front screen, but getting it to line up has never been easy. With previous wallpapers, I have just thrown it into the image somewhere, but I felt this one would look better with … Continue reading iPhone Wallpaper Template

Wikis and notepads and text files, oh my!

The other night, @verso tweeted a question about running a little wiki on a home file server. I responded with TiddlyWiki, which is a whole wiki contained in a single HTML file. It actually may or may not fulfill her needs, since there are huge concurrency and remote access issues — it’s designed to be … Continue reading Wikis and notepads and text files, oh my!

Laser cut oats

For years I have walked by the “steel cut oats” bin at the grocery store and thought that they need to modernize that stuff. It’s the 21st century. They should be using lasers. Those should be laser cut oats. It seems that very soon I will be a step closer to my dreams: laser etched … Continue reading Laser cut oats

Monkey Fists

I picked up a few different colors of paracord, as well as some buckles, last week at REI. My hope is to make a paracord bracelet, except I got distracted along the way by a more challenging project. You see, the week before the REI trip, I picked up a cat toy that is essentially … Continue reading Monkey Fists

Zombies in the Manger

The following zombie-manger-invasion comic comes, ironically, from the Hallmark blog. It was just too great to not repost. Actually, if you poke around the blog, there are all kinds of great things, including the Robots with Stuff series (most recently, A Robot With Mom Jeans), ass cleaner, and their “Funny, But No” YouTube series of … Continue reading Zombies in the Manger

Write it down in a dream notebook

I had a dream last night in which some old popular band reunited. There were four members and they had all gotten kind of old and rotund. A large crowd of people eagerly awaited their stage appearance. Although they did appear, they quickly walked off due to an unexplained contract dispute. Most of the dream … Continue reading Write it down in a dream notebook

A tour of my (daily) shoes

I own lots of boots, gathered over the years mainly for clubbing. Some go to my knees, some have lots of straps and buckles, some have eyelets, some zippers, one pair even has 6 inch platform soles. I have six to eight pair of fancy boots in total, but do not wear any of them … Continue reading A tour of my (daily) shoes

A night of debauchery at Ron Jeremy’s sex club

How’s that for a catchy title? You’ll note that I said “a night” and not “my night” up there. That’s one of those tricks sensationalist writers use, much like the misleading or false headline ending in a question mark (“Obama is an illegal space alien?”). You’ll also note that “debauchery” is a nice vague word … Continue reading A night of debauchery at Ron Jeremy’s sex club