Ukraine Heart Vinyl Sticker

We live in a world where Russia invaded Ukraine. We’re on the verge of a new kind of world war. There are various financial and political things you can do as an individual. With enough people writing their politicians or donating to charities, there might be enough of a sea change to make things happen. But on a smaller individual level, you can do smaller things to raise awareness in your local community. You can order a Ukraine flag from an internet site. Me, though? I figured I have a vinyl cutter, multiple colors of vinyl, and a front window. I threw together a vinyl-cut design of a heart in the colors of Ukraine.

This is a fairly simple design, using the Dejavu Sans typeface of a heart Unicode symbol, split into two colors. You can make it on a vinyl cutter in about two minutes.

If you have access to a vinyl cutter, the assets are here: Ukraine Flag

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