“Paper Towel, Please”

UPDATE: Since posting this, I have two new designs (a fake power outlet plus “Free Paper Cowboy Hat“). Additionally, all of these stickers are now available to purchase.
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A couple of weeks ago, a funny image of prank paper towel dispenser stickers made the rounds on Twitter. I searched the internet for those stickers, but couldn’t find any. Because I couldn’t find them, I did the next best thing: ordered custom stickers from Sticker Mule.

I drafted up something similar in Illustrator using their template. I think it turned out well:

I have already given out quite a few, but people always ask where I got them and where they can get some for themselves. They always seem disappointed with the answer “I got them custom printed.” There’s not some ready-made site that lets you buy sticker packs. But if you’d like to custom print your own, I’ll share my template file:

Click the thumbnail to download the *.eps template file.
Click the thumbnail to download the *.eps template file.

Just upload this to Sticker Mule’s custom 3″ round sticker wizard.

Now go forth and cause confusion and havoc!

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