The Tragedy Series, in hardcover

I have mentioned The Tragedy Series here on the blog several times over the last couple of years and linked to a few specific installments on Facebook. I thought I would give you, dear reader, another whistle regarding the series and its website, considering several related loose threads are converging.

All good things must come to an end and, alas, the series has concluded. Tragedies 1–499 have been posted online as well as the Sadness Reprieves from A–Z. Tragedy 500 should appear any day now online. (Spoiler alert: it’s already in the print book.)

This also means the mystery (which long-time readers may remember me mentioning in the past) is fully and completely afoot. All of the pieces are out there, ready to be deciphered. (Personally, I have been collecting up the clues as they were released, but have not yet made head nor tail of them. The book gives a few more hints.)

Finally, the closing of one door opens another. Although the series is done, it now lives on in hardcover. Not only that, the print edition includes bonus materials, available nowhere else. This could just make an amazing Decemberween gift to your luddite friends that have resisted reading the online webcomic for years. It’s available from finer booksellers everywhere, but trust me, you want to order it from Powell’s because they’re the best. (Or just walk over there on your lunch break and get it, like I did.)

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