Passwords are like underpants

I saw this tweetstorm fly by on Twitter this morning, mainly from my friend @mink_ette. I wanted to retweet all of them, but refrained from echoing them into my own tweetstorm. Instead, I’ve collated tweets below into a single blog post.

It apparently started with a bad simile from Intel. “Passwords are like underpants. Change them often, keep them private, and never share them with anyone.


It’s funny because it implies people at Intel don’t have sex ever.” — @mink_ette

passwords are like underpants: you only realise you’ve completely forgotten them once you discover you’re locked out.” — @mink_ette

passwords are like underpants: it doesn’t matter how secure you make them if the government has backdoor access.” — @mink_ette

passwords are like underpants: it’s pretty disturbing to find out your ex still has some of yours and uses them when they’re lonely” — @mink_ette

passwords are like underpants: when they leak you’re in trouble?” — @rowanbeentje

passwords are like underpants i have like a million and they are all the same” — @ragzouken

passwords are like underpants: I’m pretty sure I’ve still got some that are over 5 years old.” — @mink_ette


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