The End (of the notebook)

Back in April, I started an experiment with Field Notes Expedition Edition. I love always having a notepad/notebook and (Fisher Space) Pen at hand. I did index cards for a while (i.e. the Hipster PDA) but I didn’t like them loose, I didn’t like storing them in an oversized wallet, and I didn’t like securing them with a scratchy binder clip. I moved on to pocket notebooks. I like the stitched binding on the pocket Moleskine Cahir, but the covers kept falling apart, the pages ripped out, and I wasn’t too keen on the off-yellow paper with dark gridlines. After putting up with a lot of failures, I switched to a Field Notes dot-grid (Fire Spotter Edition). I was very happy with the white paper and the fact that the grid sort of faded into the background, unlike the unignorable Moleskine notebook’s grid. Unfortunately, those notebooks didn’t even survive as long as the Moleskine ones. I guess I just go through notebooks more slowly than others. Or maybe I’m more rough on them than others.

2013-04-28 17.10.13

I had never gotten to the end of a pocket notebook before it totally crumbled apart. Until today. Today, I reached the end of a notebook without it falling apart.


The Expedition Edition, with it’s Tyvek-like water- and tear-proof plastic-like paper survived. Nine months later, I’m ready to start my second notebook of the three-pack.

2014-01-04 16.01.48


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