Is that a WOPR in your pocket?

As a kid, I may have watched War Games a few too many times. In all my re-watchings, though, I do not believe I consciously noticed the incidental scene at about 1h:11m in which the camera pans around the WOPR computer. During a recent rewatching at a friend’s house, I noted that scene where the camera follows a clipboard lady.  It gives a great 360° view of WOPR.

A couple of weekends ago, I was mostly offline and away from home, so I used that opportunity to build up a 3D model of WOPR.  Admittedly, excitement for WarTron this weekend might have been a big driving force behind that.

Also, if you peek inside, you will see a TRON Recognizer lurking:

If you have a home printer, you can download the WOPR model from Thingiverse.  Be warned that there is a pretty big overhang, which makes this a challenging print.  If you just want to skip the DIY steps and go straight to buying a professionally printed model, they are available on Shapeways in a variety of materials and colors.  Price, of course, depends on the material and size.  You can get it in Large (~9cm long) and Small (~6cm long).

(And to anyone playing/observing WarTron: this is not a clue)

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