Is that a WOPR in your pocket?

As a kid, I may have watched War Games a few too many times. In all my re-watchings, though, I do not believe I consciously noticed the incidental scene at about 1h:11m in which the camera pans around the WOPR computer. During a recent rewatching at a friend’s house, I noted that scene where the camera follows a clipboard lady.  It gives a great 360° view of WOPR.

A couple of weekends ago, I was mostly offline and away from home, so I used that opportunity to build up a 3D model of WOPR.  Admittedly, excitement for WarTron this weekend might have been a big driving force behind that.

Also, if you peek inside, you will see a TRON Recognizer lurking:

If you have a home printer, you can download the WOPR model from Thingiverse.  Be warned that there is a pretty big overhang, which makes this a challenging print.  If you just want to skip the DIY steps and go straight to buying a professionally printed model, they are available on Shapeways in a variety of materials and colors.  Price, of course, depends on the material and size.  You can get it in Large (~9cm long) and Small (~6cm long).

(And to anyone playing/observing WarTron: this is not a clue)

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    1. As mentioned in the post, there are two sizes. Click on the two links to see the two product pages. From there, you can see exact dimensions, the available materials to manufacture them in, the price, and shipping information.

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