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Happy Birthday to Puzzled Pint

I would like to give a big shout-out as well as a congratulations and a thank you to the group running Puzzled Pint (puzzledpint.com, @PuzzledPint). They celebrated their second birthday last night at the Funhouse Lounge.

It was an odd birthday, to say the least. I think “Pin The Tail On The Donkey” was rigged! And they gave us gifts.

Puzzled Pintglass
Puzzled Pintglass (sticker not pictured)

Those that know me in person have probably heard me explain the event, but in case I have not seen you for a while or you are reading this from the dark, scary wilds that exist beyond the borders of PDX, here is a brief description. Puzzled Pint is on the second Tuesday of the month at an undisclosed location. The night before, a location puzzle appears on their website. Solve it to know where to go. (If you get stuck, there are several levels of hints available plus you can call them once the event has started to get the answer if you are truly stuck.) Once you reach the location, you splinter off into teams. Each team receives a packet of puzzles and a blank answer sheet. You solve the puzzles, fill in the answers, and submit the sheet. If correct, they record your elapsed time. Team standings are posted in the next couple of days, but I am unaware of anyone who views the “competition” as an actual competition. (Go Goat Masonry!)

I can’t say that I have been attending for all of those two years.  Although it has been on my radar, I only started attending around the time of DASH 4.  But I raise my pint glass in their direction.  Cheers to many more Puzzled Pints and, again, thank you.

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