The Flavor Flav Magritte?

Recently, I have seen two or three references to Snapseed, an iPhone/iPad photo editing app, so I thought I would give it a look.  There is an intro video of the type you would typically expect: young, photogenic hipsters taking pictures and retouching them on their iDevice.  I do not know if this is an app I need or would use.  I need more “make your photo look like it came from a crappy camera from the 70s” apps as much as I need actual crappy 70s chemical-film cameras, though this one looks like it has a few more tricks up its sleeve than just grungy filters and overexposure.  What I do know is that this dude’s t-shirt jumped out at me in the intro video:

It’s Magritte’s Son of Man, but with Flavor Flav clocks and something else going on with the apple over his face.  Does anyone know where I could find this?  Not the t-shirt, per se, as it is not something I am likely to wear, but an image file or print?  Google has let me down.

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