Put it in a skull

I made, as they say at Thingiverse, a derivative work.  I started with the 3D model of Chester Copperpot.  I then used my favorite CAD-for-programmers app, OpenSCAD, to slice it apart, hollow out the main skull part, and add a fitting peg to the lid so the top won’t slide off.  I am good at engineering in 3D, I am much less good at the 3D artistry, so I am glad I had a great looking skull base object to start with.

You can find the model and CAD files over on Thingiverse as Skull Container with Lid.  It’s unlikely I will print many of these since it takes a little over an hour and a half to print the main skull piece.

(As an aside, this great close-up picture marks the first time have I used softboxes for photography work.)

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