WikiPub 1.1

This is just a quick note to point folks to the 1.1 update of WikiPub.  This is an incremental update that adds two options:

  • By default, the WikiLeaks cables are split apart into separate ebooks, one per year, instead of one monolithic book.  The size of the single book made some readers sluggish.  There’s an option to generate the one giant book, if you still want that.
  • There is a new experimental option for converting the monospaced font into a proportional one.  It works for about 99% of the text, but because of the way the original pages handle paragraphs (usually line breaks for line wrapping within a paragraph and double line breaks as paragraph separators, but not always) , the logic to reflow paragraphs can sometimes hiccup.  Don’t complain too hard if you find two paragraphs magically stuck together.

More information is on the project page and please direct your comments over there, too (i.e. comments are disabled on this post, so that all comments about the software can be found in one central location.)

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