Write it down in a dream notebook

I had a dream last night in which some old popular band reunited. There were four members and they had all gotten kind of old and rotund. A large crowd of people eagerly awaited their stage appearance. Although they did appear, they quickly walked off due to an unexplained contract dispute.

Most of the dream is pretty vague now. One of the two memorable pieces was that my boss was there and drunk and an absolutely hilarious character that everyone loved. (I have no way to confirm or deny this in real life, as I have never really seen him that drunk, but I’d believe it.)

The other memorable part was that I came up with this amazingly cool neologism. It was some word-play off of “insane” or “insanity,” and everyone that heard it thought it was clever. I knew I wanted to remember it when I woke up, so wrote it down in one of my notebooks. Of course… the notebook… was in the dream… so is just as ephemeral as my new, brilliant, made-up word. I’m not sure that’s what they really mean by “dream notebook.”

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