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I own lots of boots, gathered over the years mainly for clubbing. Some go to my knees, some have lots of straps and buckles, some have eyelets, some zippers, one pair even has 6 inch platform soles. I have six to eight pair of fancy boots in total, but do not wear any of them very much these days — in fact I would have to dig them out of the back of the closet to get a good picture.  Perhaps in a future post. This post is about the four pairs of shoes I wear regularly:


The boots, on the left, are the oldest of the four. They came with me from California, so must be at least six or seven years old, and are probably a few years older than that. Until earlier this year, they were my daily shoes for everything from work to play. As daily shoes, they retired and were replaced in about March of this year. You might remember when I took a blind leap of faith and tried out barefoot shoes, sight-unseen.

The Vivo Barefoot shoes (on the right in the picture) that took the place of my boots are amazing. Honestly, I was not sure if I would like them, but now I love them and feel weird wearing shoes with soles of any real thickness; I end up feeling like my feet are splinted. So I guess you can call the barefoot shoe experiment a resounding success. I still wear the boots for various reasons, like working around the house, but these are my main daily shoe.

The next addition, the Terra Plana Dopie (at the bottom in the picture), was obtained over the summer. I needed new sandals and the camel-toe ninja look of the Dopies (that’s a dumb name, isn’t it?) appealed to me. They took a little getting used to, and I still can’t wear them without the “training wheels” removable velcro strap, but they’re a fun sandal and their unusual style attracts a lot of attention.

Finally, at the top are the red Chucks I got a few weeks back. I call them my Doctor Who shoes. They have thin-ish soles like the Vivo Barefoots. Because of this, they end up feeling pretty natural. They fill the gap for situations where I don’t want to get the nice leather of the Vivo Barefoots too grungy and for which the boots are a little too clompy. So far, this is mainly bicycling and wandering around Tabor.

So those are my daily shoes. Consider this a mini-review of the Vivo Barefoot, as I’m surprised I never mentioned them at all after they arrived and I got used to their feel.

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