The Apple keyboard under Linux, revisited

Since I made my original blog post about using the Apple keyboard under Linux two years ago, did a bit more refinement to the process. I don’t think I blogged about it, but did post a few instructions and configuration files to my “notes to myself” wiki at StackOverflow (no, not THAT StackOverflow).


To this day, I have never got the “fn” key working as an insert key. Looking back on the comments on that post, neither had anyone else. This morning, Damien Ciabrini left a comment pointing to his instructions to get the fn key working. Glancing over them, everything looks safe and sane in concept. It’s a bit more low-level than I would like to get right now, seeing as this would be on my primary work machine and we are in a bit of a crunch right now, so any downtime is too much downtime, but I applaud him in getting deep enough into the system code to figure it out! A win for Open Source!

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