Portland Monkey Business

monkeyI do not know what surprises me more — that OHSU is performing research on monkeys here in vegan, hippie, granola, animal-rights Portland or that several of said monkeys have escaped.

3 escaped monkeys spotted near Hillsboro research center

Of course, Twitter is going bananas over the monkeys: #pdxmonkey (see also: #pdxtmt and #monkeypocalypse). And with this being Portland, they seem to have a Shizzow account. The Shizzow history shows they’re taking a Max train (obviously into town to pick up some polar fleece and Crocs to better blend in.) This is unsurprising, considering a Coyote hopped on a red line train a month few years ago:


If the monkeys show up on my doorstep, I’m taking them in as pets. I have always said I could use a monkey butler.


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3 thoughts on “Portland Monkey Business”

  1. “a Coyote hopped on a red line train a month ago”
    that was in February 2002, which inspired the Sleater-Kinney song “Light Rail Coyote”

      1. yeah I saw the photo made the round recently and I was a little confused, having recognized it as the same old incident photo

        the internets bend time, I suppose

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