My Hacked-Together IP5 iPhone/iTunes Videos Feed

The official videos for Ignite Portland 5 have been up for a while, as have the unofficial ones from #linuxaid. They are both on, and I would really like to be able to carry the videos around on my iPhone to show to people as well as view them on the TV with the Mac Mini, but I have never been able to get to place nice with iTunes. There is a friendly little “iTunes” link that brings up a nearly-empty RSS file. The RSS link brings up a feed with a bunch of *.flv enclosures (that iTunes happily ignores because it has no idea how to play them.) Maybe I am overlooking something obvious, but I just could not get the subscription to work.

Being the tinkerer that I am, I hacked together an MP4 video feed of the official videos that works just peachy-keen with iTunes, the iPhone, AppleTV, and whatnot. It’s mainly a feed for a few of my devices and perhaps a friend or two, but figured I would share it a little more publicly, in case others might find it useful.

The feed is at:

The feed’s a little late in coming, but I’ve been crazy-busy the past few weeks.

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