Tagging the 2001 archives

I have had a blog for a while — since 2001, to be exact. It was not always WordPress, but started out hosted on LiveJournal. In April of 2007, I migrated the posts (but not the comments, unfortunately) to the new system. The migration went as best as could be expected, but I later learned that a lot of formatting was busted. Arbitrary linebreaks were inserted throughout posts. Paragraph breaks were missing. There was not even a 1:1 mapping between the two systems. LiveJournal had per-post user icons that WordPress does not understand. WordPress has categories, which are absent from LiveJournal. Since that import, both systems added tagging capabilities, but none of the older posts contained tag data.

Overall, this is a minor background annoyance — but I found it resurfacing more frequently. Specifically, every so often I would go back to look at the [pretentious and awkward] first post so that I could tell people how long I’ve been blogging. The whole lack of paragraphs and formatting in that post kept eating at me, especially considering it should have been formatted like a mock screenplay. So I fixed it. And then I went to the next entry and fixed that one. And so on.

This weekend, I fixed up all of 2001 (which is only a few months because I started blogging in August). It is entirely anal-retentive. The formatting and adding of tags and categories is not much of a value-add to the site, but it does make me happy knowing that they are properly organized and cataloged. Now that I have done 2001, I guess I should probably continue onward into 2002.

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