The perils of fake spoilers

The problem with fake spoilers is that, no matter how cliché you may think your idea is, there is still a chance it could turn out to be a real spoiler.


Contrary to the popular opinion of most geeks, I am not a fan of Battlestar Galactica. In my mind, it jumped the shark ’round about New Caprica. I follow what is going on because Kim still enjoys the show, but we don’t always stay on top of it; it may take a few days for me to get around to downloading the latest episode. The idea of watching it every week on the big screen at the Bagdad kind of intrigues me, but not as much as watching reruns of Buffy or Firefly on the big screen.

Like several others, I made up a fake spoiler on Friday and twittered it. Imagine my surprise upon discovering there really was a dream sequence. Okay, so I had in my mind the fake spoiler was about how Obama and Patchy… errr… Adama and Tie… get out of the cliffhanger last week ended on, and the actual dream sequence was relatively minor and only lasted a fraction of a minute, but I found myself aghast. They didn’t really just fake-kill-him-off in a dream sequence did they?

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  1. They pretty much lost me at New Caprica too. Before this latest round of episodes started (when there was mystery around the 5th cylon) I found out just how many people on twitter are crazy about BSG when I asked if everyone already knew that Adama was a cylon. That did not go over well. I think there’s at least one person on twitter who might punch me over that.

    These people have no sense of humor! 🙂

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