Death to the Google FavIcon! (A How-To Guide)

Not too long go, I griped about the new Google FavIcon. I don’t like it. My friends and coworkers don’t like it. In fact, we all tend to agree that we like the contest entry it was based on more than the resulting icon.

Google’s Current FavIcon
FavIcon from André Resende that it was based upon

I finally got sick and tired enough of staring at the new favicon that I decided to take matters into my own hands. While I am not a master of Greasemonkey scripts, I have written a few useful ones. So tying together AndrĂ©’s image and the fancy data:// URI scheme for embedding image data, I whipped up a great little favicon changer for Google pages. Of course, I told it to exclude things like Mail and Reader because they have perfectly serviceable and unoffensive icons already. To use it yourself, you simply need to install Greasemonkey (if you do not already have it), and then click on the script to install it.

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