In which I pay a visit to Masterbacon

A couple of days ago, I learned of the Masterbacon event at Davis Street Tavern. On I whim, I headed down there today. I was not entirely sure what to expect and was a little apprehensive considering I was not really going to know anyone there–Kim is out of town this weekend and I couldn’t convince anyone else to break their plans. But I hopped on the bus anyway, made a quick pitstop at Fred Meyer (for bacon bits, naturally), and headed to the pub.

Upon arriving, the scene was overwhelming. It was packed. There were at least 60 people there. There were tables and tables of dishes awaiting the judges. The bar itself even got into the theme, offering drinks that were reminiscent of Les’ Bad Food Parties.

For example, here is a shot of the menu:

Masterbacon Menu

The Old Fashioned Bacon had a strange, but good, taste to it. Although the orange and bacon were a good mix (think: breakfast at a diner), the cherry threw it off just enough to be interesting. The bourbon was infused with bacon, there were bacon crumbles at the bottom, and it was served with a bacon swizzle-stick. A good amount of bacon fat had semi-liquefied and formed a layer of sludge at the bottom, causing the straw (and probably my arteries?) to clog frequently.

Old Fashioned Bacon

I only ended up talking to a few people–most everyone seemed like they already knew each other through Twitter, blogging, or whathaveyou, and I find it difficult to interject into cliques like that. But overall, I had fun. ahockley was there, so there should be a ton of great photos online soon. Also, they should be posting the recipes online sooner or later. It will be interesting to browse through those and perhaps try some of the less crazy ones at home.

So it’s been a long day, I’m exhausted from that forever-lingering not-quite-sick-but-not-quite-well feeling that everyone seems to have, and I’m going to curl up under a blanket with cats and watch something on the media player. I look forward to returning to yoga on Monday to help cleanse this bacon fat from my system.

Update: Photos are up at

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  1. Yep–I got there a little late and left not too long after the winners were announced (because of this creeping-death not-quite-illness), but was there–mainly in the front room because… durrr… it took me forever to realize that there was another room in the back. I did see you around, but it seemed like you were constantly consumed with judgely duties, and I’m not sure I’d recognize DrNormal without the hat and sunglasses. 🙂 Portland is full of all sorts of crazy events and I’m sure there will be plenty of future opportunities for me to say “hi” to you guys.

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