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nathan_steel_bottle.jpgI have two Powell’s-branded Nalgene bottles (one for math and one for physics) that have served me well over the years. Unfortunately, they were made with the toxic BPA plastic, so both needed replacing. The first one was replaced a couple of months ago by a steel Nathan bottle with a flip-top sippy-straw. I didn’t think I would like the straw, but it’s really rather nice. Cleaning it is not as big of an issue as I originally imagined. I think I end up drinking more water, too–for much the same reason that McDonald’s gives you a big fat straw so that you’ll drink more soda.

But, anyway, the main reason for this post is not to talk about the Nathan bottle, but about my new KOR ONE bottle. Errr, make that “Hydration Vessel.” I first heard of these bottles a few months ago on some blog like LifeHacker or TreeHugger or Gizmodo. As best as I can remember, the story went something like this. A few people really liked Nalgene bottles, but kept finding shortcomings with them. The opening is a bit too wide and dumps water on you. The lid, on its little strappy thing, more often than not ends up slapping you in the face. The bottles are often too bulky for many bags and bicycles and require too hands to open. So they decided to address the shortcomings by designing their own bottle. I pre-ordered one and it finally arrived yesterday. I have to admit that it’s a damn fine bottle. The bottle itself, the latch, and the hinge all seem quite sturdy. I worry a bit about what is going to become of the hinge over time, but it seems strong and has a metal core, so I have high hopes.

Kor One water bottle

Of course, one of the main reasons I bought it was the style. It looks like the sort of bottle that should contain a dreadful green liquid. The bottle will get damaged toward the end of Act 1, releasing the nasty virus that ushers in the zombie apocalypse. With zombies still in vogue and with Halloween coming up, I am not sure if getting this bottle now is good timing or bad timing.

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