The food chain in action

“There is a mouse-width trough through my loaf of bread. I think our cats are defective.”

-me, 2008-10-07

It now appears that we have a pair of mousers. Last weekend, Kim discovered that Norman caught a mouse in the back yard. I don’t find the video disturbing–if I hadn’t known it was a real mouse, I might have suspected it to be a toy from the video because there is no close-up and no blood–but if you’re extremely squeamish, don’t click play. One animal was harmed in the making of this video. It was then completely consumed–head to tail–shortly thereafter. The food chain in action.

A few days ago, we woke up to blood on the linoleum. Charlotte had caught the mouse living under the oven. He would repeatedly let it crawl under the refrigerator, then fish it out again. While it had not previously been unusual for Charlotte to chase mice, he has been getting a bit arthritic in recent years, making this event a bit surprising.

In cute news, Norman got wild when chasing his tail the other day.

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