Twitter updates from near and far (but mostly near)

If we filter out all of the BrightKite checkins, replies, and things that are no longer as interesting as I originally believed them to be, then we end up with this little set of tweets (since my last Twitter-to-blog cross post):

  • I need carbon nano tubesocks. [*]
  • Oregon has crappy butter geometry. [*] (this was later elaborated upon in a blog post)
  • Brian C. will share the details of his visit to be poked by Dr. Dong. She’s an accupuncturist. [*]
  • Where do I find some extra virgin virgins? [*]
  • …also wondering where I find some slutty olive oil. [*]
  • “You can put toe jam on your muffin top.” [*]
  • Anise seed and anus seed are two very different things. Dingleberries! [*]
  • I can’t plan past or think beyond the event horizon of morning coffee. []
  • Drinkin’ a marlargi–like a martini, but not teeny. [*]
  • Who’s up for a game of spin the bottle rocket?! [*]
  • In the shade with ginger lemonade. Not thinking about the test-case interface to the database in cyberspace to replace. [*]
  • CNN on in the break room, talking about FARC rebels in Columbia, yet my brain keeps imagining rebels. [*]
  • 90F out and I’m firing up the pressure cooker. WHO’S THE CRAZY ONE NOW??! Oh, yeah… Umm… That’d be me. [*]
  • If “Final Fantasy” is up to number XIII, then how can it be considered final? [*]
  • From a distance, shipping containers look like Legos, all stacked in their primary colors. [*]
  • “Front desk? Yeah, the remote control for the fireplace is flashing ‘LoBatt'” WTF, there’s a REMOTE for the FIREPLACE?! [*]
  • @Randomeis No, 2009 is the year of the word “penultimate.” This year is the penultimate year of the word “penultimate.” [*]
  • In a bid to annoy grammar-nazis: “Their over they’re with there friends.” [*]
  • “It’s up-the-nose spicy, not out-the-butt spicy” -me, on horseradish vs peppers [*]
  • ZOMG! The HOOTERS in BEAVERTON is CLOSING! (Full disclosure: I only posted this as an excuse to say HOOTERS and BEAVERTON.) [*]
  • This tweet’s for you! [*]
  • Denied! “We’re not going to use the dremel on the chicken.” [*]
  • I had Smart Water for the 1st time today. Didn’t feel smarter. Felt dumberer for having paid $1.50 for it. [*]
  • It seems to me that every episode of The Middleman has one, and exactly one, Wilhelm Scream. [*]
  • Pro tip: you can click the gray (X) during a slow iPhone backup to abort JUST the backup. The rest of the sync continues fine. [*]
  • Also: at first blush, the 2.0.1 iPhone update seemed to improve backup speeds. Now I’m not so sure anymore. [*]
  • Nasty day. I never close my office door–even when making private calls I keep it cracked a bit. Today, it hasn’t hardly been open. [*]
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