iPhone: Day 2

iPhone: Day 2

Good news: this incarnation of the iPhone doesn’t have the angry-bees GSM bzzt-bzzt-bzbzbzbzzt in my car stereo that the previous model of iPhone had. I can actually listen to it in the car without having to flip it in and out of airplane mode!

Bad news: my car charger (which I rarely used anyway, but was prepping for a road trip this weekend) is incompatible! Incompatible! Folks, it’s power and ground. Two wires. +5V. And it’s incompatible?! What the crap? My charger does not support charging!

iPhone Cigarette Charger Error 1 iPhone Cigarette Charger Error 2

Pictured above: the message at the lock screen (which the fancy home+power button screencap doesn’t work with) and the message on the home screen.

✻ ✼ ✻

“You may enter, but you may only go a couple of meters.”

Enter-Do Not Enter 2

✻ ✼ ✻

“To free upgrades!”

To Free Upgrades

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