Do any of you folks use Evernote? What do you use it for? How do you, specifically, use it in your life?

And have any of you Evernote users also used Yojimbo at some point in the past? How do they compare? I’m using Yojimbo for all of my little notes (project ideas, notes to myself about Kim’s website and newsletter, quotes and obscure vocabulary words, installation notes, form letters, etc.) I’m also running a personal wiki for various how-to documents, config files, scripts, and other sorts of things that I don’t mind being public (and for which I might need access from any machine with a web browser.) It works, but I have to think about what is where. I also have to take into consideration that Yojimbo does not actually sync (without that $99/year dot-Mac/MobileMe subscription) and only runs on my laptop. Evernote looks like I can consolidate these AND have access to this stuff from my laptop, office computers, and iPhone.

Before I wholeheartedly jump in and try to make this work, I thought I’d solicit feedback from those that have used it. Have you used it?

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