Azureus replacement?

Nevermind. I found on my own that Transmission plus Clutch should do exactly what I need.

question blockI’ve been using Azureus as my bittorrent client of choice for years. It’s true that in the past year or so was bundled with some crazy, crappy, bloat-ware interface full of advertising and stuff. BUT! There was always an alternate download version that gave the original core functionality, leaving out the bloated front-end. It seems that the alternate version is no more. Azureus downloaded a core update last night and now the bloated “Vuze” interface is what you get. I guess there’s a UI-switcher plugin, but how long until that disappears?

So I’m looking for an alternative OS X bittorrent client. Transmission seems to be the popular one, but when I used it long ago, it was too simple for my needs. The website doesn’t say much about advanced features in the current version, either. Basically, the main features of Azureus I’m using and that I’d like to get in an alternative client are these:

* Web interface. There’s an Azureus plugin that offers up a simple web interface for starting, stopping, and changing the bandwidth cap. I use this from the iPhone. I’m not always at a real computer or a computer with access to my home network. The iPhone can always tunnel in over the EDGE network, so I can do this from work, out-and-about, in bed, etc.

* The ability to NOT download certain files in a group. If a *.torrent file contains a dozen individual files, for example episodes of a TV season, I may only want to download the first episode or two to get a taste without wasting bandwidth on the rest of the season. Extra points if I can dynamically change this on the fly without restarting the download. Lack of this feature is pretty much a deal-breaker.

* Automatically launching *.torrent files dropped in a folder. If I have Azureus running, I can drop files in a network-shared drive called “auto” and have it automatically grab the file and start downloading. If necessary, I can probably do this with AppleScript, if I took the time to learn how–but I’d rather have it an integrated feature instead of a duct-tape script.

* Bandwidth caps. I assume all bittorrent clients have this. If I only want to trickle in a file at 40K/s because I’m doing other stuff on the network, it should let me.

* Simultaneous download limits and reordering. I assume all bittorrent clients have this, too. I can tell it that I only want to download one *.torrent at a time (to get maximum bandwidth for the one file), but have three or four *.torrents in the window. When the first is done, the next starts. I should be able to rearrange the order of the inactive ones (e.g. promote the one in the third position up to the second position.)

So is anyone using an OS X bittorrent client that fits the bill?

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