Ghostly coffee maker

Every morning, the grind-n-brew coffee maker greets me with warm, delicious coffee. It has the sort of grinder with blades that makes a loud noise. (And yes, I would have gone with a burr grinder had they been available in a consumer grind-n-brew ten years ago when I got it.) Through a freak of timing, the grinder starts up about 30 seconds before the alarm clock starts beeping. Through a freak of turn-of-last-century ductwork, the sound carries up to the bedroom quite well.

As a result of all of this, I am typically half-roused from sleep by the grinder, then fully awake when the alarm beeps. The very same thing happened this morning — only the coffee maker was not set up and all of its parts were still in the drying rack. This leads me to wonder what the heck it was that woke me up before the alarm.

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