In which we learn the perils of a rimshot

vpisteve: has now been banned from the office
BrianEnigma: @vpisteve I decompiled the Flash and loaded the MP3 into my iPhone for instant sadtrombone action! also: rimshot
vpisteve: @BrianEnigma you are my hero

Last week, I discovered a flaw in this particular plan. Let me paint you a picture to illustrate. It is nearing the end of a bright and sunny, warm day. The long, yet productive, day of work has concluded and it is time to drive home. The situation calls for–nay, screams for–the convertible’s top to be down with some nice, loud singable (or yellable) music. This leads to a very cathartic drive home. The Cure’s weird and energetic cover of Purple Haze plays, followed by Nine Inch Nail’s Echoplex. The song starts to spin down, but is still a little loud from when it was compensating for the freeway wind, as the car exits the freeway and pulls up to a red light, alongside other cars and trucks. To the right is downtown’s popular, large waterfront park. Several people are waiting at the crosswalk. You’re bopping along to the trailing chords, with cool shades and windswept hair. And because the iPhone is on shuffle, you then get an extremely loud and embarrassing rimshot that no one can ignore.

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