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Dear LiveJournal peeps,
There are many of you (I’ve specifically run into this with sakkaranoush and torgo_x) who have journals that don’t allow OpenID people to leave comments. You’ve friended me and so I can see protected entries, but I’m unable to write a comment. Looking through the FAQ, I see this info:

Currently on LiveJournal, OpenID comments count as anonymous comments for the purpose of allowing comments and as comments from registered users for the purposes of screening comments. To allow OpenID comments, a user must also set his or her account to allow anonymous comments. There is no way to allow a specific OpenID account to comment without enabling anonymous commenting.

It looks like you need to go to your “Comment Settings” and then “Enable commenting from Everybody.” Optionally, you can enable screening. Or you can do nothing at all and your journal remains read-only for me.

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