The past week, in which we defend the birdfeeder from squirrels

Thursday: Went to The Architecture of the Universe lecture for the Institute of Science, Engineering, and Public Policy. It was very heady and presented a compelling multiverse theory that I’m not sure I groked enough to retell here. Also heard, once again, the apocryphal story of turtles all the way down.

Friday: date night at Bonfire. We bussed it. I have to say how pleased I am by the number of bus lines within a block or two of the house. The busses are more convenient and varied than our Stark street home.

Yesterday: pulled weeds from between footpath bricks, pulled weeds from the gravel trail in the back yard, and pulled weeds from the flower beds and grass. We have lots of squirmy worms. This was followed up by mojitos in the shade, staring up at the sky.

There was also playing with a neighborhood cat that likes to come over to our house and act prissy.

I was chatting with someone the other day, describing our driveway. Our hundred-year-old driveway was not really designed with the wheelbase of modern cars in mind. It has some really old concrete strips in the middle and some beautiful flagstones on the far side, but the near side is pretty much just mud because the strips are too close together. We are eventually looking to fix this by adding stone or brickwork to replace the mud. Regular photo and panoramic photo:

The evening was all about recovering from hard work in the yard, hashing out some details for Kim’s business, a mellow dinner, and other low-impact stuff.

Today: worked on a few odd jobs, general housekeeping, worked out some greenhouse plans, and repeatedly sprayed water at a persistent and dumb squirrel! Repeatedly! With video! (The video was supposed to be an instant-start streaming MP4, but the instant start doesn’t seem to be working for me for some reason so you have to wait for the whole 8MB download.)

Both the cats and I loved this (although Kim was not necessarily pleased.) Cats and I sat at the window, stared at the squirrel, and waited for it to reach for some sunflower seeds. Then it was spray time! It would run off, climb a tree, and look down at us while chattering its annoyance. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Squirrels are dumb. And entertaining. Next up: lunch!

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2 thoughts on “The past week, in which we defend the birdfeeder from squirrels”

  1. Haha!

    The shrub is actually less of a shrub and more of a tree. I have no idea what it’s called, but when the flowers decide to detach themselves, they take a decidedly non-graceful plunge, bellyflopping unceremoniously on the ground. As I just discovered, it makes a really nice place to sit under when it’s bright and sunny out. It also attracts a lot of bees, which are fun to watch when relaxing under the tree. I don’t usually see many bees with big ol’ pollen-sack-things on their legs, but many of the visiting bees had them.

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