Absinthe Vodka

If you had an anise-flavored vodka (specifically Green Moon Vodka à Absinthe Essence), what drinks would you make with it? The vodka itself is not quite high enough quality that you’d want to sip it straight. Martinis kind of work, but the anise+vermouth flavor, while not bad, is not quite my favorite.

Also: is it acceptable to phone in a delivery order to a pizza place that consists entirely of just a pair of chefs’ salads — no pizza? I know it’s technically possible, but is it a reasonable thing to do and not get loogies in the dressing or something?

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  1. There is a drink that they make in France called a french 75. It’s usually made with gin, but you could try it. When I had it, it was similar to a momosa with more alcohol and anise. I remember gin, champagne, anise, and orange juice…but looking up the recipe online, it looks like the recipices go more like this:

    8 ounces gin
    8 ounces orange liqueur, such as Cointreau or triple sec
    1 lime, juiced
    4 dashes orange bitters
    8 sugar cubes
    1 bottle Champagne, chilled

    I KNOW however that the drink I had in France had anise in it (I really dislike anise). Anyway, I thought maybe you could try something similar.

  2. They say that old man Hemminway had a fondness for a shot of absinthe in his champagne. But that may be the apocrypha cited simply to title a drink Death in the Afternoon. It is pretty good though, even with a sweet pastis like Pernod or Ricard.

    Anise-flavored vodka seems like a strange label. Is it dry? Does it carry any sweetness from the anise?

    I have a bottle of tarragon-flavored vodka. The taste of tarragon is so close to the herbal notes in anise. It’s great with Lillet Blanc.

    Which reminds me: the anise flavor pairs (surprisingly) well with orange.

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