In which I comment upon Heath Ledger’s untimely demise

It seems that every person with a blog, in the last 24-ish hours, has parroted “Heath Ledger is dead” in some form or another along with links to assorted news articles. It seems that now I am doing the same.

When I first heard the news, my initial thought was “isn’t he dead already?” Some Googling cleared that up; I think I was mixing his name up with some-rockstar-or-other. My reaction has been updated to “meh…” I’m a little tired of celebrity news. I don’t care that he died in Mary-Kate Olsen’s apartment or that he ODed on sleeping pills or that he’s been in a recovery program and clean for at least a year. I honestly have no idea who this guy is. I never saw the gay cowboy movie, and although I’m very excited to see the new Batman film and have already seen some preview clips and stills, given the Joker makeup I’d be hard-pressed to pick Mr. Ledger out of a police lineup without the greasepaint.

I know it’s a tragic time for his friends and loved ones and I do wish them well, but I’m still not sure why I should care any more about him than the hundreds, if not thousands, of other nameless, faceless overdoses that occur each and every day.

Does this make me an insensitive bastard? So be it.

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5 thoughts on “In which I comment upon Heath Ledger’s untimely demise”

  1. You’re right.
    I care about his death only as much as I care about anyone who dies young by their own hand. I have very little sympathy for suicide, you see.
    I do feel terrible for his daughter, as I would any other child left behind by someone who cared so little.
    I don’t do social commentary in my blog in the RIP sense, but I guess I have just littered your comments with my opinion, so I guess I have one. Interesting, ha

  2. Well, he was rather cute in ’10 things i hate about you.’

    I’m not saying I’m horribly broken up by this dood dying, nor am I saying you are an insensitive jerk. But like when Ingmar Bergman died, I was pretty melancholy, thinking about his body of work. And probably had the other gay cowboy (aka, Donnie Darko) died, I would have probably been a bit more sullen. There’s something about being fFaced with inevitable humanity which causes some fFolx to take pause.

    I do try to take something away fFrom the entertainment i subscribe to. And I think it is the job of fFamous people to bring these sorts of things to us. I don’t think people are upset about their fFriend named Heath, I think people are more sad about someone they paid to enlighten them in some way. I’m not all that upset, personally, I’m just sayin, ya know?

    I should add, I don’t know anything about the dood being suicidal. I don’t really care about that either.

  3. Meanwhile, it is worth pointing out that somebody hwo has DECIDEDLY had an impact on both of our lives passed away this month.

    I’m talking about everybody’s favorite fast food mogul: Carl Karcher.

    If you were wondering why the flags were flying at half-mast at Carl’s Jr. last month, that’s why.

  4. I was going to make a similar post. Eventually I gave in and asked one of the parrots “who is that anyway?” The only note of relevance to me was 10 things I hate about you. Which, was pretty terrible.

  5. I have been hearing his name more and more since he was the new joker. I didn’t know or care who he was. I saw the picture of him in the joker make-up and I still had no clue. This guy didn’t matter to me except I knew his joker was being and going to be compared to Jack’s joker. Still no idea who this guy was.
    I was told that he was dead by ALL the girls in my office. My first thought is that it was some stunt for the Batman movie so I looked him up online. Then I realized who he is, William Turner from A Knight’s Tale.

    Damn… I liked that guy.

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