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A few TV/Movie thoughts while I’m waiting on replacement clutch cylinders…

To use a quote/show-title from coffejedi, I was pleasantly surprised by the “River Tam Beats Up Everyone” show (also known as “Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles.” I was expecting it to be a crappy SciFi show melded with a crappy action show, but really ended up enjoying the quality of the acting, effects, and story. Thebruce notes that there is an ARG-like tie in, that I had not really paid attention to (and likely won’t, as I’m following the LOST game and only have the time and attention to follow one such thing at a time.) I think I’ll be watching at least the next few episodes of Terminator to see if the quality continues.

Vampires + White Trash = Near Dark = one horribly bad film. I have no idea why I added it to my Netflix many months ago. Everyone says that Showgirls is the worst movie ever. I think Near Dark is probably #2. I fell asleep part-way through and woke up toward the end. I was confused by the “vampire physics” (that is: the feeding, siring, and such) as I’ve been so exposed to the Buffy universe, that any other vampire behavior seems weird.

We finally got to the final episode of Six Feet Under last night. By “we” I mean “me.” Kim watched it the other night, but I was already asleep. It’s been several months of watching, but totally worth it. I have to say that out of the final, concluding, closing-up-loose-ends TV show episodes I’ve seen, this one pretty much tops the list. It provided closure, but without being too final–providing a good amount of open-endedness for the characters–in a style that so perfectly fits the series. Truth be told, it might have brought a couple of (happy) teardrops to my eye, but I probably won’t admit to it beyond this blog post.

Between the Lost: Missing Pieces shorts and the Find 815 game, I really can’t wait for LOST to come back on the air. I don’t care about the writers strike (well, I do, actually–quite a lot), but I really need those 8 produced episodes. Let’s hope that by the time #8 airs, they’ll have resolved the strike and can write and produce #9-16 posthaste.

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