The other day, Substitute twittered “Internet + consistent sizing = jeans by mail. Yay.” Usually I buy my pants from the internet (zip-off BDUs from, but yesterday, I picked up a pair of green non-zip-off BDUs from Andy and Bax. In other news, my shirts come from blank apparel, my socks usually come from the Fred Mayer (gold toe!) and my underwear from some place similar to Sears.


In other keeping-up-with-the-Jonses news, Substitute also twittered “listening to the cat murder the knitted snake for the 500th time.” Kim’s purple snake from Players (well, I guess it is technically from The Oriental Trading Company) has pretty much become a cat toy. In the evenings, it sits on the bed and Ebenezer sits on it. During the day, he drags it around. A few nights ago, I retrieved it from the sofa to bring upstairs with me at bedtime. I threw it on the bed and turned around for about 5 seconds to change. One-mississippi, two-mississippi, three-mississippi, four-mississippi, five-mississippi. The snake was gone. Not only that, I could hear its plastic eyes clicking against each step as it was dragged down the stairs. It is always the things that are not intended as cat toys that make the best cat toys.


I picked up Super Mario Galaxy a short while ago. After weeks and weeks of work–moving, cleaning, turning the basement into Kim’s shop, I took may last vacation day to do nothing. Well, nothing but Mario Galaxy. I’m usually pretty bad at hand-eye-coordination games. Heck, I finished the original Super Mario Brothers a couple of years ago and gave up pretty quickly on the DS Mario game. With Galaxy, the hand-eye coordination isn’t as bad, except for maybe end-bosses. You don’t have to worry so much about carefully timed multi-jumps and such. Admittedly, I do not know how far into the game I am–it seems pretty far (I just got my first swimming underwater level and played a few levels that felt like 3D reminiscent copies of the old side-scroller castle levels.) But still, it feels like I’m pretty far in and am not having as much difficulty as I was expecting.


The other day, I went to Everyday Music and picked up a number of used DVDs. Actually, I also (finally!) picked up the Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D discs from NIN. I am usually not so happy with remixes, but these pleasantly surprised me and were actually quite good. I have yet to load up the DVD with the Garage Band source files for Year Zero. I doubt I’ll do anything with them, but have to greatly respect Trent for releasing the original multitrack files. The remix (as well as the original Year Zero) made a great soundtrack for demolishing walls in the basement and installing new circuits for lighting and machines.

Anyway: Batman! I picked up a used box set containing Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin. I already have the Christian Bale version and thought I had the others, but maybe I only had them on VHS and threw them out, because I didn’t have them on DVD (until now!) I have a feeling that I am subconsciously preparing myself for this summer’s Batman film, mainly due to the ARG leading up to it. I started watching the original Batman as I started writing this post. I’m quite amazed at how much I had forgotten.

Oh! I also picked up the 3rd season of Six Feet Under, used, from Everyday Music. This was fortuitous timing, as Kim and I had hit season 3 in our watching (we started the first season at the beginning of the holiday break) and discovered that in my archives starting with season 3 episode 3, the video files I saved back-in-the-day (when it was still on the air) were corrupted (audio’s fine, video super-choppy at about 3 frames per second.)


The new LOST “game” supposedly updated today at 6pm Pacific. I have yet to check it out. As usual, find more information at the Unfiction thread.

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