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I thought I had accidentally blocked myself from posting on my very own site, mainly because I had recently done some wmapping of a corporate site (hi, Phaedra!) and thought I got my IP on a blacklist because of it. The Bad-Behavior plugin I use on this WordPress installation does a great job at blocking spammers, but was also blocking me! I added my IP to the whitelist and promptly forgot until this morning when Substitute pointed to a new release of Bad-Behavior. I guess one of the sites BB checks was returning a constant false-positive, so *everyone* running it was getting locked out of posting. I just upgraded and removed myself from the whitelist, so assuming this posts correctly, then all has been fixed.

So if anyone was unable to comment in the last few days because Netninja thought you were a spammer, that’s why.

6 thoughts on “WordPress Problems”

  1. The “Hi” was because it was your company’s site I was running wmap against, which was the most recent “questionable” thing I did that could have possibly gotten my IP address blacklisted.

    How often do we come to Seattle? Twice. 🙂 Once a couple of years ago to visit her great aunt and once earlier this year for the Vanishing Point fireworks show and party. She actually has been there a few more times than I, though, because there are some bellydance shows and competitions up there. I’m not sure when our next trip up will be. It’ll be at least a few months before we’re settled in to the new home and get acclimated to the new financial situation.

  2. Ahhh, okay. Find anything interesting? 😛

    For some reason I thought you came here fairly often — must have you confused with someone else I know online. Ah well, perhaps I’ll be in Portland at some point.

  3. I only found that one forum folder I mentioned to you earlier (I poked around trying to find content, but found nothing that I could access.)

    Us coming to Seattle might be a while, but if you’re ever down here, remember there are several UF folks that live here: spacebass, vector, Ouroboros, and… ummm… I several others that I can’t seem to think of right now. The simple solution, of course, is to convince $BOSS that there’s work to be done in Portland!

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